The Castle Monster

“Once upon a time, on the shores of a crystal blue sea, in the days when knights in shining armor rescued maidens from great dragons, was a beautiful, peaceful kingdom ruled by a happy, gentle king, named Chester.  King Chester lived with his wife, Queen Isadora, his children, Prince Rutherford and Princess Esme, and his mother, old Queen Esther, in a most unique and interesting castle.

This castle had a front gate with bars that looked like the spaces between one’s teeth.  There were two slotted guard’s windows above the gate that looked like two big eyes, and two towers above them, that looked like two huge ears.  There was a hallway in the back, that went nowhere on the inside, but on the outside, it looked like a big tail. In each corner of the castle was an apse that looked like the shoulders of a dog lying down.  Throughout the kingdom, it was called the Monster Castle.”

Or at least, that’s what the people thought, until the castle comes to life.

© Bob Dixon

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