I have hesitated to start querying the two works that I am confident are really great. They’ve been peer reviewed by my critique group, and everyone likes them. Cash for a professional beta read is out of reach, but I think it is time to send these two children’s books out into the world.

What if I’m right, but my query and synopsis are terrible? I’m reading books about query writing, but I’m not getting what they are saying. I guess I read them over and over until I am there.

I’ve also been reading “The audacity to be a Writer”. It’s a group of blog articles collected by Bryan Hutchinson. The first dozen or so are meant to encourage writer wannabes to go ahead and do it. I have no problem with that. The last half has a lot of other useful stuff. So many books I have bought about writing have been useless blabbering meant only to separate new writers from their hard-earned dollars. This one is not. If you’re a new writer, especially a frustrated or scared new writer, get a copy.

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